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VeriPark is a flexible and future-proof parking management solution that integrates Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras with our innovative, cloud-based, modular parking management software and a range of payment and validation solutions, to suit any car park.


A modular parking system allowing for highly flexible configuration.


Powerful and intuitive management system allows for effective and efficient management of the car park.


VeriPark is built on a foundation of improving the customer journey and user experience.


Modular configuration allows the system to be adapted to suit future requirements.

With our cloud-based solution you can manage your parking facility from anywhere, at any time. This helps to reduce operational overheads by keeping administration, support and maintenance costs to a minimum.

ANPR based parking solutions

Available as either a barrier controlled or barrier free solution, VeriPark systems are designed to deliver a solution which can be configured to suit all types of car park, including hospitals, hotels, local authorities, business premises, industrial sites and retail and leisure destinations.




How does it work?

Cloud based ANPR parking systems with highly intuitive user interface experience. A wide variety of payment and validation options ensure the best possible customer journey.

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