What Is Veri-park?

Veri-park is an on-line parking management software system, developed by ParkingPal Ltd*, and used by both local authority and private car park operators to make parking a much easier experience for their customers. Most of these have their own terms and conditions of use and display where their car parks are on their own web pages so it is also well worth visiting these as well.

Veri-park has been designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible. Now there is no need to worry about whether or not you have paid enough for your stay, allowed for enough time, have the right change, have the right phone payment service or worry about having to queue at a payment kiosk.

Note: Our web services let you know when a payment hasn't gone through or when there are changes to your account by email. These emails are sent by our automatic mail service and can find their way into your 'junk mail box'. Please make sure that you monitor you 'junk mail' box and mark any of these emails as safe so they arrive in your in box and aren't missed.

How does it work?

  • As a user drives into the car park the vehicle's licence plate details are recorded and a 'virtual' parking ticket is created in the system
  • When the customer is ready they can pay for the parking session in a way that suites them. While not all these services are available on all sites - the car park operator chooses which service to activate - customers can then choose how they pay;
    • Just before you leave the car park - At one of the car park's kiosk's or on-line from any web enabled device i.e. smart phone or tablet
    • After you have left the car park - If you are in a hurry, just return to the vehicle and drive out of the car park. As long as you pay for the parking session before the end of the day you will not be penalised (this has to be done on-line and you will need to check if the local car park operator allows you to do this)
    • Pay in advance - There will be occiasions when you want to pay for your parking in advance e.g. going on a 3 day business trip. This can be done on-line from home or using the 'add time' feature on the kiosk once you have parked in your choosen car park.
    • Pay-as-you-go - Veri-park runs pay-as-you-go services through its Flexipark product. To activate Flexipark customers must first register for a Veri-park account (www.veripark.co.uk), then add a preferred payment card to their account. Once activated users are able to drive in and out of any car park which has Flexipark active on it and have any parking payments automatically paid for. Each transaction gets its own receipt as well as a monthly payment summary.
    • Pay-by-Phone - Veri-park is able to accept payments from SMS based phone payment services. Please check with the local car park operator first as these services may well charge you extra on top of your parking fee and not all car parks support phone payment services.
    • Permits - On car parks with the permit feature activated, regular users of the site will be able to buy permits from the operators on-line store and add them to a vehicle of their choice. If on-line permits are not availble for the car park of your choice, contact the local car park operator because they may well run their own scheme.
    • Discounts and special offers - If you have been lucky enough to be offered a discount or special offer voucher by a retailer or other outlet which is able to discount parking then you can use these vouchers at the kiosk to reduce or clear any parking fee.
    • Disabled Driver schemes - Many of the local car park operators run disabled driver schemes. Once contacted and as long as you meet their criteria they can place you on a list that may mean you will be able to use the car park without having to take a ticket, visit a payment device or struggle to enter a paid ticket at the exit.
  • On exiting from the car park the system will again check the vehicle's licence plate and calculate the parking fee owed at the time of exit. If a parking fee remains outstanding the car park operator may well wish to issue a Parking Charge Notice (PCN), Standard Charge Notice (SCN) or similar to recover the outstanding value. In all cases this will be done under the correct legislation and will be issued and processed using the car park operators own system. The Veri-park system does not issue or process contravention notices. 

Problems viewing Veri-park with your Web Browser?

Some Web browsers do not fully support the functions and features Veri-park has. If you find you are having problems navigating your way around or the web site is not displayed correctly then;

1. Check you have the latest verision of the browser installed then...

2. Download one of the browsers we know work with our services from the list below;

Firefox: http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/

Google Chrome: http://www.google.com/intl/en_uk/chrome/browser/

3. If you continue to have problems then please let us know.

* ParkingPal Ltd, Registered Company No: 07621532, is a member of APT Controls Ltd, Registered address: The Power House, Chantry Place, Headstone Lane, Harrow, HA3 6NY.


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