What is Flexipark? More about pay-as-you-go...

Flexi-Park is peace of mind!

Flexi-Park is the name of the automated pay-as-you-go service that car park operator's can make available for their car park/s through Veri-Park software. Not every car park operator will make the service available so please check with them if you are in any doubt.

To work Flexi-park needs you to register a payment card with the car park operators chosen payment service provider. This is done by logging on through the 'My Account' link, 'Your Payment details' screens (Please also read the section on 'To use Flexi-Park' below).  

Once you have registered a payment card and connected it to your chosen vehicle; Flexi-Park allows you to drive in, park and leave. It's as simple as that! Flexi-park will spot your visit, calculate how long you spent in the car park and apply the tariff and any associated fees set by the car park operator for the car park. The total value will then be taken from your nominated payment card*.

Note: Our web services let you know when a payment hasn't gone through or when there are changes to your account by email. These emails are sent by our automatic mail service and can find their way into your 'junk mail box'. Please make sure that you monitor you 'junk mail' box and mark any of these emails as safe so they arrive in your in box and aren't missed.

To use Flexi-Park
  • Register – open an account – with Veri-park (www.veripark.co.uk)
  • List all the vehicles you are likely to use
  • Enable Flexi-Park for each vehicle (it will then be enabled for the Flexi-park service at all car parks**)

The only thing you need to do after that is keep your details up to date.

Important things to remember

If you change your car, you will need to add your new vehicle to your account and ensure you enable Flexi-Park for the new vehicle. Make sure you remove the old one too. Most vehicles are sold locally and so you may end up paying for parking for the new owner of your old car if you don't change it as soon as possible.

For the best service you should limit the number of vehicles you add to your account when using Flexi-Park. We recommend no more than 20.

If you decide to use Flexipark, please do not make a payment at a kiosk. Veri-park records all vehicle entering the car park. Until your vehicle has exited the car park you will be able to search for it and find it on the kiosk, but please do not be tempted to pay as it is likely you will end up paying for your pakring twice!

Do not enable Flexi-park for facilities where you hold Season Ticket, Permit or Right To Park/Buy

The car park operator will control the payment cards they accept i.e. most do not accept American Express. If you have difficulties registering a payment card please check with your local car park operator in the first instance.

Parking charges, tariffs and fees are all set by the local car park operator. Check the car park information pages or contact the car park operator directly for the terms and conditions of parking for any car parks you are interested in.

What happens if something goes wrong?

Flexi-park relies on being able to identify your licence plate at both the entry and exit to the car park. As with all things in life, sometimes, things go wrong. Veri-park has a lot of automatic processes contained within it that make sure, as far as possible, that your experience of the service is the best possible.

1. Flexipark has problems reading my licence plate

Make sure your vehicles' licence plate is clean, free from damage or blemishes, has the fittings in the correct colour and position and it meets the correct legal standards. If you intend to use Flexipark for frequent visits to a car park, contact your local car park operator who can correct the plate number so the system can learn what the plate should be.

2. What happens if my payment didn't go through

When you set-up Flexipark you will have registered your preferred payment card and connected it to your licence plate. Each time a payment is required Flexipark calculates the parking fee due and makes a request to the car park operators web payment service for payment. Payments can be refused by the banking system for many reasons and because the transaction takes place as you are leaving the car park it is possible the payment might not go through.

When this happens Flexipark will send a message to let you know. These messages come from info@veripark.co.uk, so you will need to make sure any firewall or email setting allows these messages to come through.

3. What do I need to do if the payment has failed?

Flexipark only makes one attempt to take a payment from your registered payment card. If this fails you will recieve an email reporting this and instructions on what to do next.

4. To pay for your parking sesssion when a transaction has failed to go through

  1. Go to the Veri-park parking site used by your local car park operator (the links can be found in the 'Contacting Veri-park' pages.
  2. You can follow the 'Pay Now' or log in through the 'My Account', then follow the 'Pay-as-you-go' link

5. What to do if I'm still not sure?

If you are still unsure, please contact the local car park operator first. They will be able to advise on what to do next and will liaise directly with Veri-park support services to deal with any query you might have.

Some extra notes

Flexi-park is the pay-as-you-go service contained within the Veri-park car park management software as supplied to the car park operator by Parking-Pal Ltd an APT Controls Group Company.

* Please note that whilst we endeavour to take all Flexi-park payments immediately on departure from the car parking facility, fluctuating network connectivity can cause payments to be delayed, sometimes by a few days.

** Please do not enable Flexi-park once your vehicle is already parked in your selected car park(s). Flexi-park will only take payment if your vehicle is enabled prior to entering any nominated car park.

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