Enforcement or all about 'Parking Tickets'


What is a parking contravention?

 The Veri-park system does not issue Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) or Standard Charge Tickets (SCTs) or similar.

The decision to enforce a contravention of the parking terms and coniditions for the car park is one that the Car Park Operator - Local Authority or private - makes themselves based on the information made available to them at the time the contravention occurred.

Contraventions can occur for;

  1. Not paying for parking
  2. Overstay a paid for parking period and failing to pay the outstanding parking fee
  3. Parking in a Disabled or other restricted bay
  4. Staying in a car park longer than the permitted time

For a full list of contraventions applicable to the car parks you use or to find out what the enforcement policy is in your area you will need to contact the car park operator directly. The parking terms and conditions will also be clearly stated on Car Park signage.

Please NOTE: being a Veri-park account holder does not prevent a PCN / SCT being issued if payment has not been made or if the payment made is less than the due fee. Nor is account ownership grounds for the appeal of any Notice. Customers have a duty of care to ensure they pay for parking according to the given rules and maintain the accuracy of vehicle registrations and other data on the account.

What to do if you receive a 'parking ticket'?

You must not ignore a PCN / SCT, it will not go away, you must contact the issuing authority as stated in your notification!

The first thing you should do is contact the issuer of the parking ticket directly. Do not contact Veri-park because once a PCN/SCT etc has been issued there are very strict guidelines on what happens next. Advice on what to do should be included with any correspondence you received from the car park operator.

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