Registering for an account

Why Register anyway?

Unlike many similar systems you do not have to register for an account to pay on-line for parking where a Veri-park system is operating.

Of course there are many reasons why you may want to because once you have registered you can add additonal services to your account which make the parking experience easier and more simple for you;

  1. You can track parking visits for any licence plate you add to your account*
  2. You are able to receive automatic receipts by email for the payments you make on-line
  3. You are able to have an automatic monthly statement for the payments you make on-line
  4. You can register a payment of your own choice and link it to the Pay-as-you-go service (Flexipark)**
  5. You can purchase and add season cards to your vehicle**  

* Payments you make at the Kiosk or via other payment services e.g. mobile phone payment will not appear in your on-line parking history.

** Check with your local car park operator to make sure they have enabled this service.

Note: Our web services let you know when a payment hasn't gone through or when there are changes to your account by email. These emails are sent by our automatic mail service and can find their way into your 'junk mail box'. Please make sure that you monitor you 'junk mail' box and mark any of these emails as safe so they arrive in your in box and aren't missed.

What you need to do to register?

Registering is quite a simple and quick process - you don't need to register a payment card to have an account.

  1. Click on the ''Register Now' button and follow the instructions
  2. Once you have had confirmation of your registration you can add one or more cars to your personal list
  3. If you want to add 'pay-as-you-go' services or want to pay for parking without re-entering your payment card details each time then you can register a payment card*** as well.

Your username and password

Your username is automatically set as your email address. The password is of your own choosing and entirely secure. This can only be reset using an automated, secure, process in the event that you forget. You can change your Password from your Account. Again, this is a secure process and will require you to enter your current password in order for a new password to be set on the account.

Is my information safe?

Veri-park is a secure website. Your information is safe with us and we do not share any of your personal details with any organisation that is not directly connected to the provision of the parking services you have chosen to select.

We do not store or ask for payment card details. When you register a payment card you will be directed to the car park operator's selected web payment service provider. They will take your card details and create a unique 'token' which is then stored within the Veri-park system. Each time a transaction request is put through for payment by Veri-park the web payment service provider will carry out security checks before processing the payment

My Account Pages

When you have completed your registration you will find you the following options;

1. Personal Details

Use this page to manage your contact details or change your password

2. Manage Vehicles

Please make sure that you enter your licence plate as accurately as possible. You will be reminded each time you add a vehicle to take care in the areas where most common errors occur, for example, recording an I as a 1 or an O as 0. Others include entering 2 as Z, C as G, 5 as S, B as 8, U as V, VV as W – and vice versa! If you are unsure, check your numberplate or registration documents.

The system will also warn you if you enter a non-standard vehicle registration mark/numberplate. It is a warning only and does not stop the successful registration on our system of a non-standard number.

You can give each vehicle a 'friendly name' for use when paying online. This is a name or other reference which helps you quickly identify vehicles belonging to specific members of your household, family or business.

3. Parking history

This page reports all the parking events that relate to your on-line account and payments made using the on-line payment process. It will not show any transactions you complete using the car park kiosks, external payment services e.g. pay by phone or for season cards managed by the car park operator.

4. Payment Details

You can register and manage payment cards on this page. Please note that if you want to register for Flexipark services you will need to have registered at least one payment card.

NOTE: Veri-park registration does not automatically enable Flexipark.

5. Pay as you go

This page allows you to pay for parking events as single transactions using either the card you have registered or by entering the details of an alternative card.

6. Payment history

When you make a payment on-line for any service Veri-park automatically generates a receipt which will be emailed to you and recorded on this page. At the end of each month you will also be able to view a monthly payment statement. Both these documents are produced as PDF files.

7. Purchase permits**

On some car parks the car park operator will offer customers the opportunity to purchase permits/season cards for their car parks. This link will show you what permits are available and allow you to purchase them. Please note that a permit can only be linked to one licence plate at a time. If you change your vehicle or use another one of your registered vehicles you will need to connect the permit to the vehicle you are using otherwise you may be issued with a parking contravention notice by the operator.



* Payments you make at the Kiosk or via other payment services e.g. mobile phone payment will not appear in your on-line parking history.

** Check with your local car park operator to make sure they have enabled this service.

*** While most payment card types are accepted by the car park operators, you will find that very few accept American Express cards. If you are any doubt or have problems registering your card check with the car park operator first.


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