Glossary of Terms

Automatic Number Plate Recognition. The ability, through technology, to convert the image of a VRM into an alpha-numeric data string.

Direct Debit Instruction

Direct Debit

Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency

Entitlement Code
Given to Customers by car park operators and used by Veri-park to identify specific parking rights – such as pre-paid Right To Park or Permit and any Right To Buy space(s).

Unique to Veri-park. An automated system which will debit your registered card with your parking fee. Needs to be enabled against specific vehicles and car parks.

Concurrent Flexi-Park
Automatically set by the system on vehicles listed on an account. Specifically used where any limits attached to a long term parking arrangement (Season Ticket, Right To Park or Permit) are exceeded.

Friendly Name
Attached to VRMs on an account. Used to identify specific vehicles without the need to know the VRM.

Long Term Parking Arrangement.                                                                      A collective term used to refer to a wide range of special parking arrangements. This includes, but is not limited to, season tickets, permits, 'right to park' through lease or purchase, Blue Badge Holders and arrangements which may have preferential parking tariffs associated with them, for example Advantage Card Holders

A Right To Park in a designated space in a defined area. Managed by Car Park Operators, limited according to space availability. Most likely to also require a Permit or similar to be displayed in vehicle.

Parking Charge Notice

Right To Buy
The option to purchase a predetermined number of Right To Park or Permit space(s).

Right To Park
Right To Park by lease, purchase or other agreement in a general area and non-designated spaces. Managed by car park operators and limited according to space availability. Usually does not require a Permit or similar to be displayed.

Standard Charge Ticket

Season Ticket
Long term parking arrangement purchased by Customer via Veri-park, does not require space allocation or control by Car Park operator.

Vehicle Registration Mark

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